Friday, August 21, 2009

Guessing Game

He can play the piano.
He can play the violin.
He loves to dance and he can choreograph well.
He has the talent to sing and act.
He smiles so sweet and his gazes can melt mt heart,
He loves to eat anything except street foods.
He loves it when I wipe his sweat or brush his hair with my fingers.
He loves to hold my hands and clasp his fingers with mine.
He tells me he misses me and everything is boring when I'm not around.
He can paint well.
He can draw well, too and he draws the characters in my stories.
He loves my attention and I love his for me, too.
I feel weak when we need to say a temporary goodbye.
He likes to sit with me when no one's around because people think we have something more than friendship so we have to avoid.
He gives me a special warmth no ones else can ever give.
And I'm very fond of him.

Can you guess how we are related? Can you guess who HE is?


RoCiO~ said...

singurl!! ugh. *strangles with bare hands*

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