Monday, November 30, 2009

You are true

You make me fall in love with you
Like no one else can ever do
This song's playing in my head
With every word you said.

Can't take you off my mind
You make me always want to smile
I can't seem to fight it off no more.

With the smile you share
You make me feel your love and care
And with every move you do
Only proves to me that you are true.

With every touch from you
You just don't have one clue
It makes me catch my breath and I fall
all over you.
Is it all true?


This song lyrics I wrote is dedicated to someone special to my heart.
I wrote it as the words just flowed out when his warmth flooded through my systems.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Gosh! I haven't written for like forever. I have been busy with things and everyhting and now I'll try to keep in touch and post even once a week.

So please get in touch with our little literary munchies. I'll try to upload literary works to satisfy our cravings.

* Here's my latest poem dedicated to my Uncle Edwin for his birthday last october. I don't have any title for it yet.

I could still remember the times we had
The love you shared since we were kids
The care you gave even when we were aprt
Placed you, uncle, in a special place in our hearts.

I know we owe you much since the start
But it's not the reason why in us you're a part
But because you're a family and we love you
So always remember we'll always be here for you.

Sometimes we appear like we don't care or we forgot
But it's because we're not sure how to show we love you a lot
People will come and go in your life for reasons
But we'll be here even if everyone leaves and runs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Guessing Game

He can play the piano.
He can play the violin.
He loves to dance and he can choreograph well.
He has the talent to sing and act.
He smiles so sweet and his gazes can melt mt heart,
He loves to eat anything except street foods.
He loves it when I wipe his sweat or brush his hair with my fingers.
He loves to hold my hands and clasp his fingers with mine.
He tells me he misses me and everything is boring when I'm not around.
He can paint well.
He can draw well, too and he draws the characters in my stories.
He loves my attention and I love his for me, too.
I feel weak when we need to say a temporary goodbye.
He likes to sit with me when no one's around because people think we have something more than friendship so we have to avoid.
He gives me a special warmth no ones else can ever give.
And I'm very fond of him.

Can you guess how we are related? Can you guess who HE is?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

by SiNgUrL

I was staring at the closed door of the closet - my closet. I know what's hidden in there, wrapped in a transluscent plastic bag.

My uncle killed her. Ot was it my friend who did it? I don't remember.
She was choked to death with a rope. Or did he use his hands?

She was a good girl. I liked her but she's dead and hidden here in my closet. I'm not afraid of her. Poor, poor girl.

No one is looking for her because she ran away from the people who loved her. She eloped with my uncle. Or was it with my friend? I don't remember. All I know is that she's here now in my closet.

I can't tell anyone because I don't want my uncle- or is it my friend- to get caught. He will be hurt if I did tell someone that he hid her in my closet. I won't tell.

Ssshhh... poor pretty girl.

How long will she be hidden here? Wrapped in forever silence. I pity my uncle - or my friend. She got hi mad and that's why she needed to be kept silent.

Now she's gone. My uncle or friend is alone once again. Maybe he's unhappy. It was an accident he killed her. He didn't mean it. I think the girl understands it, too.

Nobody knows she's missing. Nobody thinks so and nobody will ever know the truth.

Monday, August 10, 2009

by Carly

I was seven when I got my first guitar. My father brought me into the store and I walked down row after row of guitars and other instruments. I ran my hands over each one I liked, seeing if the strings played just the sound I wanted or if the material felt just right under my hands. I was about to give up when I saw it. The guitar was red with an orangey yellow center. It had golden keys and a black neck with long silver nylon strings. It was a Gibson and it was electric. My hands went over the material that was smooth under my all knowing hands. This was so perfect; as long as it sounded right then it would be my soul mate. I plucked each string one at a time in complete awe. The perfect notes came out crisp and clear, ringing throughout the room. I gasped. It was perfect, amazing, everything I had always dreamed of. And it was all mine. I couldn’t help but stare at it and I waited in awe for a moment.

“Dad, come here!” I called.

“Find something Andrea?” he asked me with a relieved smile.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, showing him the Gibson.

He looked at the guitar then at me.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

I nodded and picked up the guitar, it was very lightweight. He carried it to the counter and put it up.

“I want to pay, daddy.” I said, taking the credit card out of his hand.

He smiled at me as I handed the credit card to the lady. She put my beautiful Gibson guitar in a black case with red velvet on the inside. Daddy also got me an amp and told me it was an early birthday present. I went straight home and hugged my mom who was extremely pregnant.

“Hi momma!” I shouted, showing her the case of my new guitar.

We all sat down and they put the guitar in my arms. I didn’t have it plugged in, but I started playing anyway. My mother and father sat listening to my playing, it was as if nothing else in the world was going on. I smiled to myself. The music flowed from within me and my fingers flew across the frets. I began humming along to the song, tapping my foot to keep the beat. I loved music, but playing it on my own was freeing. I let each chord echo throughout the silent home. I let my soul flow into the music and something inside me boiled up into my throat and finally escaped my mouth. I was singing!

I’ve never felt this way,
How do they expect me to say,
How I feel about you
I don’t know if these feelings are true
Let me know if I can be heard In this endless silence

My parents clapped for me as I stopped singing and started to play in silence. I stared off into the space of the kitchen. I brought the song to a slow close and let the last note fade into the air. As my fingers lingered on the frets and the note faded into silence, I thought about how lucky I was to live a life such as mine.

*Thank You Carly for your always creative inputs. Your wonderful mind keeps Sequel Group going together with Rocio and the others active in our GR group!

Keep it up!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breathe cafe has a new website for your Online Literary Comsumption.

The link of the site is below:

I do hope you visit and enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lady Prankstress

by: SiNgUrL

Christel dressed the way she never did before. She wore a black miniskirt which cut above the knee showing her flawless and soft legs she never flaunted before. A tight tank top hugging her perfect breasts and upper body emphasizing her fair and perfect skin. She wore black mascara and eyeliners on her brows and eyes, violet contacts that looked perfect with her curly and long lashes and her lips were colored with crimson red to flaunt her full and kissable lips and lure her victims for revenge.

She walked straight and with full confidence holding her invitation letter to the most popular party of her High school Senior Year.

She wasn’t nervous at all because she felt like another person. She knew no one would realize who she really was especially that she curled her straight hair and colored it silky black with hints of red from its original reddish brown crown to complete her disguise and prank for the night.

Everyone she passed by stared at her even the most popular guy who she wanted her revenge from the most.

Her target was the “Oh-So Glorious Football Team” who played with her feelings because they thought she was dumb. That she was stupid and desperate for attention. All because everyone in school thought she was weird because she was shy and more comfortable when left alone.

But now, she wanted to prove them wrong – Ian, Evan, Lawrence, Tim, Bryan and Brent. They all played with her and hurt her, together with the help of Naiza and three other cheerleaders.

It started when Brent courted her by asking her to the prom and she agreed because he looked sincere with his lines of “All the girls like me but you. Maybe that’s why I like you more than anyone else.” Or “I think I’m falling for you but I’m afraid that I’ll just hurt you in the end.” And the flowers and love notes everyday in her locker. She ended believing and trusting him. But when she dressed for the prom, he never came and when she approached him the day after that in school.

“Y-you… didn’t come,” Christel cleared her throat, all innocent because she believed that there was an acceptable reason behind it.

“What are you talking about?” Naiza asked her and clung to Brent who was hesitant but looked cocky with Naiza in the end.

“The… Prom?” Christel whispered.

“Prom? How foolish! He did come and we enjoyed the night!” she raised a brow on Christel and smiled triumphantly.


“I’m sor-” Brent was about to say something but Naiza pulled him away.

“Come on Brent! Let’s leave,” she looked at me from head to toe with disgust.
“We don’t want her weirdness brushing off on us, do we?” she rolled her eyes and groaned.

That afternoon, there was still hope left in Christel that Brent didn’t mean to hurt her but she heard it all from Naiza. Minnie, Dina and Belle who dared Brent to court her if he could.

“He hesitated at first. The idiot! But his team made him,” Naiza giggled and tears rolled down Christel’s cheeks. They all hurt her.

That bight she cried her eyes out in front of the computer while chatting with her online friend Michael- her reliever and confidante even if they’re only chat mates.

Mike_21851420:Maybe he didn’t mean2 hurt u
Yztel :but they already did
Mike_21851420:But maybe Brent didn’t
She felt disappointed because it was like Michael was siding Brent so she didn’t reply back when another IM window appeared. It was her other chat mate Cindy and she told her about what happened.

Cindy_Flirtie:u nid 2 get back at dem, gurl!
Yztel:but im not d kind hu does
Cindy_Flirtie:Well, its abt time 2 change 4 d better

They chatted longer and Christel kept on thinking about what Cindy kept on pushing her to do and when she received the invitation to the party, se decided. It was time.

One by one, she lured the boys in different corners of the venue- seduced them when they were drunk enough and left lipstick marks- that wouldn’t wash off easily- in the perfect shape of her lips on their shirts. She left new bought ladies’ underwear and put them on their pockets for their girlfriends or parents to find out and if they did, it would be a very majestic prank. She wasn’t a good prankstress and it was all she could plan to do. It was her first time anyway in doing such things.

First Ian, then Tim and the other three and at last Brent.

Brent watched her since she arrived at the party but didn’t know what she was up to. Brent was a little drunk but to Christel’s eyes, he already looked drowned in liquor.

They ended up in Brent’s car. It was the first time the whole night that she began to be conscious and nervous but her anger availed and ended up kissing him passionately but she remembered how she hurt her, she slapped him so hard, he passed out.

She left her little signature on his car door window. Her crimson lipstick colored kiss left the mark perfectly with the name “Lady Prankstress”.

It was the talk of the whole school that Monday morning. She felt guilty but proud she did it.

“She’s lady prankstress,” it was Naiza behind Christel while she sat alone in the cafeteria during lunch break.

“No. She couldn’t be,” Brent crossed his brows and shook his head.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Lady prankstress was sexy, seductive and she-” she raised a brow.

“Chris couldn’t hurt a fly. She couldn’t do that to Ian and the other causing their girlfriends to dump them or their parents to get ballistic,” he looked at Christel in the eye.

“Yeah, she couldn’t-” Naiza was about to continue but they got in her nerves.

“I am Lady prankstress and I did that to defend myself from you!” she pointed a finger at him.

“Stop it, Chris! It couldn’t have been you…” Brent looked around looking worried.

“Wake up Brent! What proof do you want?” she asked seriously.

“I don’t need-” he said when Christel cut him off with the kiss. She knew he wouldn’t forget her kiss that was very passionate that night and the way she pinched his ear as she did.

Brent pushed her away and looked at her with disgust shaking his head.

“So it was…” he said with anger.

“I was wrong about you. I believed that you were pure hearted. I was wrong to have liked you very much! I was WRONG!” he snapped and walked away leaving her and Naiza followed him with a smirk.

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably while the other students looked at her with shock, fear, anxiety and disgust in their faces. She went home right away crying for what happened. She felt anger, patience, love and hatred all at the same time. She didn’t know what to feel. She opened her IM hoping to find Michael or Cindy online but they weren’t.

Then by ten that night, she woke up and found earlier IMs from Michael.

Michael_21851420:U didn’t listen 2 me
Michael_21851420:Now u did it
Michael_21851420:How cud u? I thot I knew u datz y I liked u
Michael_Brent:Im sorry for hurting u but it wasn’t me that night but naiza came.
Michael_Brent:Dad made me go wid her becoz he’s busness partners wid her parents and I cudnt say no to my dad.
Michael_Brent:Now u made the hurt worse so lets 4get everything
Michael_Brent:Its ALL our faults.No one 2 blame. Bye.

Michael-her reliever, friend and confidante had been Brent all along for almost a year now and she was ignorant of it. Now, everything was spoiled. For the one bad decision she did for herself and he was gone.

She felt her heart break into many pieces like a fragile piece of glass. She threw herself in her bed trembling with the coldness inside her. Tears flooded her cheeks wetting her pillows. She knew she was wrong and lost. She didn’t know what would happen next with hatred from Brent and disgust from the whole school.

For one mistake she did and her world crushed her whole being making her the most unfortunate creature and dirtiest criminal in the world.

One idea from a lipstick, proof from a kiss and everything bad turned worse. And nothing could save her now. Nothing and no one.


Necklace which was my entry for Short Story Contest week 39 won. It is posted below.