Monday, November 16, 2009

Been Out for so long

Gosh! I haven't written for like forever. I have been busy with things and everyhting and now I'll try to keep in touch and post even once a week.

So please get in touch with our little literary munchies. I'll try to upload literary works to satisfy our cravings.

* Here's my latest poem dedicated to my Uncle Edwin for his birthday last october. I don't have any title for it yet.

I could still remember the times we had
The love you shared since we were kids
The care you gave even when we were aprt
Placed you, uncle, in a special place in our hearts.

I know we owe you much since the start
But it's not the reason why in us you're a part
But because you're a family and we love you
So always remember we'll always be here for you.

Sometimes we appear like we don't care or we forgot
But it's because we're not sure how to show we love you a lot
People will come and go in your life for reasons
But we'll be here even if everyone leaves and runs.


RoCiO~ said...

awww that's so nice Singurl. Did he like it?

SiNgUrL said...

Yes! Gosh, rocio! I miss you so much!

RoCiO~ said...

Me too SiNgUrL!! Where have you been?? :( Please come back soon!

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